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Welcome to mind|body|fitness yoga

mind|body|fitness yoga offers a wide variety of inclusive yoga and meditation practices. It's traditional yoga for modern times and current conditions.

Yoga is the practice of finding your footing and balance in your daily life. When practiced skillfully, you release hustle and force and let the body and the breath direct you to the best you can feel.

Inquire Within.

Overview of the Virtual Yoga Room Channels

The Virtual Yoga Room has 8 channels of classes for you to choose from. What do you need today?  use the link to see the directory of classes in each channel.

The Yoga Basics Channel -2.png

Yoga Basics

Perfect for Beginners or those who want a gentle, instructive practice. Great way to build an informed foundation for your yoga practice.

the Deep Stretch Channel-4.png

Deep Stretch

Stretching is a great way to release tension and to find balance in your body. It's for all levels and you'll feel so great after!


The Ashtanga Channel-2.png


Classic, ancient yoga sequences taught with compassion and room for you to meet yourself on the yoga mat. Currently focused on the Primary Series. Helps you build strength, stability and balance on and off your yoga mat.

the Meditation Channel.png


Simple, brief mindfulness meditations for all levels of experience.

The Yin Yoga Channel-2.png

Yin Yoga

This taoist, passive stretch practice is based in mindfulness and will help reset your body, energy, emotions and mind.

The Express Channel.png

Express Channel

Short on time? The Express channel offers shorter sessions so you don't have to skip your practice.  Sessions are 20 - 30 minutes. There is something for everyone here - beginners to long time practitioners!

The Gentle Functional Soothing Channel-2

Gentle & Soothing

Soothing, functional and gentle Hatha yoga practices to help you heal, balance and find peace on your yoga mat.

The Vinyasa  Flow Channel-2.png

Vinyasa Flow

Flowing practices for those who like to move and jump into the flow of life's energy. Slow/All Levels Classes and Power classes for those who want a challenge.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Free Video Meditations, Audio Guided Meditations and a Meditation Challenge/Tutorial

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