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Traditional Yoga For Modern Times

Are you searching for strength, flexibility and balance?  Do you want to reduce the symptoms of daily and situational stress in your life? Are you trying to regain balance in your body following an injury or condition?


Yoga helps.  Mindful breathing and moving changes your perspective and response to stress.  Practicing yoga consistently is a powerful way to find yourself and develop an inner path to knowing who you truly are.


Yoga is vast. There are so many varieties and trends these days. It’s everywhere and it can be difficult to figure out which style is best for you.


At mind|body|fitness yoga, we practice traditional yoga and mindfulness. While trendy yoga is concerned with outward appearances and gimmicks like beer, goats and excessive heat, traditional yoga teaches you to open a relationship with yourself in this moment physically, energetically and emotionally. It’s an inside job!  


We meet you where you are with a variety of classes, 7 days a week.  We have classes for soothing, stretching, healing and calming. And we have classes to build endurance, strength and balance. All of our practices are guided by feeling good and mindfulness.


We invite you to experience yoga with us at mind|body|fitness yoga. Our non-competitive atmosphere, peaceful sanctuary and compassionate, informed instruction will put you at ease and remove any doubts or fears about trying something new.


Got questions?  Please connect - we are here for you!


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In light of Covid 19 - We've converted to

online classes! 

The Virtual Yoga Room

Yoga Meets You Where You Are Now

Our "pay by day" structure allows you to have access to all classes in our Virtual Yoga Room on a day by day basis.


Before You Request Access:


First time visitors to MBFY must complete a waiver before requesting access.

You must have a current class pass or monthly/annual membership to request access.

You must request access to get the password to access the Virtual Yoga Room.  The password changes daily.


Yoga Basics

Perfect for Beginners or those who want a gentle, instructive practice. Great way to build an informed foundation for your yoga practice.

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Deep Stretch

Stretching is a great way to release tension and to find balance in your body. It's for all levels and you'll feel so great after!

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Classic, ancient yoga sequences taught with compassion and room for you to meet yourself on the yoga mat. Currently focused on the Primary Series. Helps you build strength, stability and balance on and off your yoga mat.

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Simple, brief mindfulness meditations for all levels of experience.

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Yin Yoga

This taoist, passive stretch practice is based in mindfulness and will help reset your body, energy, emotions and mind.

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Gentle & Soothing

Soothing, functional and gentle Hatha yoga practices to help you heal, balance and find peace on your yoga mat.

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Vinyasa Flow

Flowing practices for those who like to move and jump into the flow of life's energy. Slow/All Levels Classes and Power classes for those who want a challenge.

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Join the MBFY Community

Everyday people practicing yoga where we can with what we have

Join the MBFY community and be a face with a name. Membership helps us communicate changes and updates in this turbulent time and it makes it a warmer place to practice - a connective place with real people practicing mindful yoga and meditation...seeking a calm, centered place.

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