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February is a great time to establish and re-establish connections in your practice.  The February Challenge is to attend Live Stream Classes.  I'll be taking attendance in every live stream class this month and at the end of the month I will be drawing a name to win 2 Manduka Cork Blocks and a rectangular Manduka Bolster.  Every Live Stream Class you attend = an entry into the drawing. The more classes you attend live, the better your odds are of winning.


Why attend a live stream class vs On Demand?

Connection - There is something to being in a practice with other people, you can feel the energy of connection knowing you are practicing with others. We use time before class to connect socially - it breaks up this pandemic isolation.


Correction - If you have questions, I am here to help you. In the time before class, you can ask questions or you can email me before class to get specifics in the class's instruction.


Visibility - Every soul longs to be seen.  Even if you don't chat it up before class, isn't it nice to be recognized as present and accounted for?


Accountability - If you make a specific appointment, it will be easier to keep that commitment when you know you are expected.  It is too easy to let things that are important slide off your list of to do's when you don't feel accountable to anyone. It's sad, but true that we are more prone to be accountable to others than ourselves.


Book into a Live Stream Class and join the February Challenge!


Questions?  Email me at