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2915 G Battleground Ave

Greensboro, NC 27408

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mind|body|fitness yoga

traditional yoga for modern times

Being based in mindfulness and the traditional values of yoga, we believe that yoga meets EVERYONE exactly where they are in this moment. Yoga is an inside job and all you have to do is show up!   We are a traditional studio, meaning we keep the studio at a moderate temperature and you regulate the heat of your practice with your breath and intensity of practice. We believe that yoga is a means of finding balance in your body, mind and spirit. To get there, we leave competition, expectations and judgement aside.

We offer effective yoga instruction, meditation instruction and yoga teacher training.

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Meet Us

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ERYT 500

Andrea Dyer

nancy st head shot.JPG

RYT 200

Nancy Stoudemire

shanley johnson.png

Certified Pilates Teacher

Shanley Johnson

betsy sumerford.JPG

RYT 200

Betsy Sumerford


Certified Yoga Teacher

Sadie Payne


RYT 200

Lee Spencer


RYT 200

Allison Spooner

and she was zen and rock.jpg

Certified Yoga Teacher

Allison Royal


RYT 200

Samantha DiRosa

starry starry sadie.jpg

Zen Guru and Comfort Mutt

Sadie Dyer

About Yoga

Yoga is vast. If you are new to yoga or new to practicing with us, here is some information that will help you go more deeply into your practice.

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