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Meditation is simply the practice of being fully present as a witness. Sounds easy, however, our minds are wired to take us into the past to analyze what has gone wrong and to fantasize about what could go wrong. It's all about surviving by paying attention to the extremes. We can find a place in the middle where we are simply the witness without having to respond in our known ways of responding and taking action. We can notice what we are feeling, the desires that arise to rail against anything uncomfortable and then witness the dissipation of the desire into the next feeling, desire, impulse, etc. Sounds complicated, but it's really simple. We just sit and witness. This challenge has 21 days of practices that will help you establish your seat as a witness and to build emotional stamina and strength to sit still and just be. Science shows that our ability to be able to witness and broaden our perspectives on what is going on, helps us remain calm, see more options for acting before we do and letting our nervous systems let go of the constant low levels of flight or fight we experience in our current stressful times. I am sharing what I know from my personal meditation practice over the past 20+ years. I don't claim to be a guru. I just sit with my sh*t and know first hand that it's not easy, but I feel more grounded and calm when I am consistent in this practice.Everyday I will give you a lesson & guidance for when you sit. Set your intention to sit everyday.

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Andrea Dyer
Andrea Dyer

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