Yoga Etiquette

We have such precious little time to be present with ourselves and our yoga practice, so we need to get the most out of our practice and be mindful that others are trying to do the same things.


It’s always a good thing to refresh ourselves on yoga etiquette, especially when there is an increase in newcomers joining yoga classes for the first time.


Here are a couple of things to remember as you attend yoga classes:


•  Try to arrive to class early. Set up your practice space and take a moment to settle in quietly - arriving completely before class begins. If you arrive late, do so quietly and stay to the outer edge to minimize disruptions.


•  Consider your practice space as a personal, sacred space to be respected. Don't walk on mats and try to keep your props neat and orderly. If we want quiet minds, it makes sense to outwardly reflect that with a neat practice space. Foot prints on mats  are not sanitary and will ruin mats. 


•  Turn off your cell phone and try to not even bring it into the practice room. Knowing that you have the phone can be a distraction to you and if it rings in class, it trespasses on others' meditative state.


•  Refrain from talking during class. It's ok to chat with fellow yogis before class, but be mindful of those around you trying to center themselves and arrive completely. Keep it down low and don't forget to make time for centering and arriving yourself.


•  Refrain from eating in class. Do bring water in a closed container.  Many studios do not allow water in the practice rooms, however, it is important to stay hydrated. In mind|body|fitness yoga classes we encourage you to drink water as needed, but please check individual studio policies if you take classes elsewhere.


•  At the end of class, please put your props away neatly and orderly. That way the next yogis coming in have peace and order awaiting them, just like you did.



These guidelines assist us in being present in our practice and that's what yoga is all about.