For Your First Class

For Your First Class you will need... 


Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in and arrive completely before class starts. Please note the door to the studio will be locked once class starts.


Wear comfortable clothing - loose enough to allow movement. You want to be able to bend forward without your shirt coming over your head!


Dress in layers for warmth at the end of class - during relaxation your body will cool off - bring socks and an extra shirt.


Bring a hand towel in case you sweat from exertion or the room temperature during the practice.


Bring a yoga sticky mat - it will provide you with a safe surface to practice on.  We have a few on hand, but it's usually more comfortable using your own.


MBFY Waiver

You can save time by filling out  and bringing the waiver with you on your first visit. We ask all first time visitors to complete this waiver so we know what you want from your practice and how to take good care of you!


Click here to download the Waiver