How To Choose Yoga Classes

What's the right yoga class for me if I'm new to yoga?


Best to start off in a class that allows you to get your bearings. Your first couple of yoga classes may feel like you are having more of an external experience rather than happily working your way inward. That’s to be expected as you learn how to practice yoga - postures, breathing,  directional instructions, etc.  You will be looking at  and listening to the teacher, but magically it comes together and you find your self paying more and more attention to what your inner experience is.


So, start with something calm and mindful - like Yoga Basics, How To Yoga, Yin Yoga, Deep Stretch, Yoga Hibernation or Slow Flow.  Look for the NYF - New Yogi Friendly next to our class descriptions (see our current Schedule).


Once you feel like you have got the hang of how things work, try the other classes.  We have a great chart that will help you figure out which classes will best suit your needs. 


A majority of our classes are geared for all levels - we give basic instructions and then offer information on how to go further - if it’s appropriate for you and if you want to. There are some classes that are best suited to those who have some yoga experience. Don’t worry, you will get there soon enough.


To help you find the right class for your yoga objectives, we suggest you review our class descriptions to find a class that fulfills your needs. 



If you ever have a question about our classes that isn’t answered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Important to remember:  Yoga is not about tons of strength or flexibility. It is about calming down the hectic activity of the mind to calm and soothe the body so you feel peacefully balanced.  Because we are all different in our architecture and bodily experiences we all need to have our own paths in. We follow our own edges and only we know where our individual edges are. Yoga teaches us how to recognize them with respect and compassion.

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