How to Build An Ashtanga Practice

The Floor Series-2.png
Sessions 46-51  The Finishing Series

We have come to the end of the practice, where we get to experience the work of the practice in some remarkable poses that needed the work we did that led us here.

The finishing series is a ritual of checking in with the body and honoring the practice:

Session 46: Urdhva Dhanurasana (The Wheel Pose) - a deep back bend that can also be experienced in Bridge Pose. This pose is counter balanced with Paschimottanasana A for 5 breaths to reset space in the low back.

Session 47: Sarvangasana Series which includes

Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand

Halasana - Plough Pose

Karnapidasana- Snail Pose

Urdhva Padmasana - Upside Down Lotus

Pindasana - Upside Down Lotus Bound to the Chest

Session 48:  Matsyasana - The Fish Pose - a powerful counterbalance to the Shoulder Stand Series.  This pose leads directly into Uttana Padasana -  a powerful combination of back bending, stretching and balancing.

Session 49: Sirsasana A & B (Head Stand) - A powerful combination of Strength, Flexibility and Balance.

Session 50:  The Three Lotuses - Reflection and Reverence for the Practice and our progress and journey into self realization. The Three Lotuses are:

Baddha Padmasana




Session 51:  Savasana - (Corpse Pose) - This pose is where the entire practice is absorbed and the energy of the practice goes toward healing, rebalancing and energizing the body.  It is one of the most important and compelling poses in the practice and is not easy, but is necessary before we leave the sanctuary of the practice for the everyday world.