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Express Deep Stretch - Block Party w:Dogs

The Express Channel

Get your blocks out we're having a block party...and bring your dogs. Mine joined in like the Bumpass Hounds today.  Deep hip and leg stretches - blocks added in to help us leverage length and space - a few yawning stretches too for resetting.  In this session you will need two blocks, a blanket and a chair. Have fun!

30 Minute Short Form - With Skill Build Stepping into Warrior 1

The Express Channel

In this express session, we get into the skill building of core strength to step up into Warrior 1 without swinging the leg up or lifting the hand up to make up for the core. We use blocks!  Total focus on the core.  (Please see the Skill Builder Stepping Into Warrior 1).  This express session gets your energy moving and grooving so you are all set for the rest of the day and the rest of the week!

Skill Build: Stepping Into Warrior 1

The Express Channel

In. this session you will learn how to use blocks to build functional strength to step up into Warrior 1 in Surya B.

Yin On A Hot Summer Evening

The Express Channel

On a hot summer day or evening, a cool yin class helps you find a comfortable abiding in your body and life. The poses in this express session are mostly opening the front body to create space and coolness. Spacing your limbs as far away from the midline as is comfortable will also help support cooling. For this session, it is good to have a blanket and a block.

Express Under Cover Yoga

The Express Channel

In this session we practice practical forms of yoga and breathing that you can practice anywhere. In fact you can do most of these things and if there are people around you, they quite possibly won't  know that you are doing yoga. For this practice you need a chair, a mat, and a block.  Go undercover with your yoga and learn how portable it is and available when you need some patience, balance and peace with what is.

A Little Yin and A Little Flow

The Express Channel

This express edition of Yin & Flow is brought to you by the Stomach and the Spleen's energy. Perfect energy balancing for a pending hurricane or just staying grounded in the all the tossing about one gets during a pandemic.  The role of the universe is played by Buddy in this session. Just checking to see if you can stay calm and focused.  You will need a mat, block and a blanket for this practice. Isn't it pretty cool how you can change your energy in just 30 minutes?

Pause & Soften - Supported Seated Forward Fold

The Express Channel

15 minutes...GO ...gather all the pillows and cushions around you. Bring them to your mat and prepare to pause and soften into a place of deep relaxation and gentle, supported stretch. Great way to start or end your day and you can do it anywhere in your home...and dogs love it too.  Mat is recommended even though I opted to just be on the floor. Enjoy!

Breathe With Me - Alternate Nostril Breathing

The Express Channel

Take a few moments to tune into your current energy and then through the practice of alternate nostril breathing, find balance and peace.  You only need to find a comfortable seat for this practice.

Deep Stuff - IT Band Work

The Express Channel

This express offering helps you provide stretching, strengthening and massaging to one of the sturdiest muscles in the body - the IT Band. For this practice we are using wall space, stretchy bands and a foam roller/pool noodle.  If you don't have stretchy bands, I encourage you to use perceived resistance doing these movement and breathing patterns (and order a set soon as these are invaluable tools for your own home fitness/wellness routines - Target and Amazon stock them!!)

Deep Stretch Short - Piriformis

The Express Channel

In this session, we focus on stretching, strengthening and massaging the piriformis. This Deep Stretch Short can help you resolve the piriformis tension that can aggravate sciatica and other maladies from sitting.  For this practice you will need a yoga mat, a chair and a foam roller.

Deep Stretch Shorts - Glutes and Breathing

The Express Channel

The Glutes are perhaps the most underused power muscles of the body. This short Deep Stretch session brings in a combo of strengthening, stretching and massaging the Glutes to help you find balance and stability. For this session, you will need a yoga mat, a chair, a resistance band and something like a step (maybe a yoga block or the bottom stair on your staircase), and you will love foam rolling at the end (pool noodle will do as well.)

Breathing Practice - 4 Part Soothing Breath

The Express Channel

In this breathing practice you will find solace and peace in the breath. For this practice you will simply need something to sit on that allows your hips to be higher than your knees and your spine supported.

Express Ashtanga - Dristi Focus

The Express Channel

In this session, you will be instructed to place your gaze where your energy is needed. Up for lifting, down for releasing and third eye for inner concentration. Notice how deep and satisfying this practice feels at the end.

Warm Up for Low Back and Hips

The Express Channel

This is a simple warm up for your back and hips before you practice or as a way to revive them after sitting for a long time, riding in a car, plane or rocket.

Peaceful Soothing Calming Breath Practice

The Express Channel

In this Express session, we practice breathing that will facilitate calming and soothing your body, energy, emotions and thoughts.


Do this as a stand alone session or pair it with another express class. It's a great way to build your own custom practice.


For this practice, you will need comfortable support to sit in good alignment.  If you choose to do a restorative pose after - like legs up the wall - you will need a wall! (duh) and if you choose a traditional savasana, you may want a blanket or two to cover you and maybe as support under the spine or under the knees to support the hips and spine. 

Yin Yoga - Soothing the Kidneys

The Express Channel

In this express Yin session, we are dedicating our attention to the Kidneys and our inherent energy.  With all the stress in the world right now, we are taxing our energy navigating our life's pathway. This takes its toll on our Kidneys and they deserve a recharge and some soothing.  Kidneys also house our wisdom, and we sure do need that right now. Turn off your phone and TV. Shut the door and relax.  You need a yoga mat, a blanket and a block for this practice.

Yin & Flow - Re-Charging the Kidneys

The Express Channel

Yin & Flow is the best of both sides of the spectrum in yoga.   Movement and stillness.  The movements in this practice will hug and stretch the Kidneys. The stillness will help you recharge your inherent energy and give you access to your own, life-collected wisdom.  This class is Express length to suite your busy schedule - no excuses to get on your mat and practice. For this practice, you will need a mat, a blanket and a block.

All Levels Flow - Accepting Invitations

The Express Channel

Tight body?  Achy parts? That's not a sign to stay off your yoga mat. It's an invitation to explore and to seek understanding and build a compassionate relationship with yourself. Yoga always meets you where you are in any moment. Get on your mat. Breathe and follow the invitations to explore, feel and understand more about what is right now.  Remember - repetition brings familiarity and familiarity brings invitations.  For this Express practice, you will need a yoga mat, a blanket and a block or two.

Express Back Care - The Neck

The Express Channel

This express session focuses on taking good care of your spine - specifically the neck. The McKenzie Method of movement is a standard way of moving the neck to bring relief and realignment to that part of your spine.  It all starts with mindfulness of good posture.  Your neck will thank you for doing this practice.

Yin Yoga: Inner: Outer Hips (Express)

The Express Channel

This Yin session focuses on the energy that flows in the inner and outer legs/hips. The Liver and the Gall Bladder energy is all about opening ourselves to compassion.  If compassion is difficult to connect with, you can start with gratitude for what is present right now and the lessons and insights it affords us.  All you have to do is be present with it.  Patience will take you a long way in this practice.  You will need a mat, a blanket/beach towel, and a block for this practice.

Yin & Flow: Before Covid:After Covid

The Express Channel

In this session, we focus on the forms that we do as asana. We did them before when we were in the studio, and we do them now as we practice at home. In a time of so much change, there are still some things that transfer from then to now.  Before Covid, chop wood, carry water. After Covid, chop wood, carry water.  For this practice you can leave the wood and water, but have a mat, a blanket and a block.

Basic Breathing Techniques

The Express Channel

In this Basic Breathing Session we practice finding the breath, enhancing the breath, managing the breath and resting in the breath.  Enhancing the breath will come in handy for more exerted practices, while managing the breath will assist you in finding balance to energize or to calm down.  You just need something sturdy and comfortable to sit on in this practice - a blanket folded or a block will do. Have a yoga mat to relax on at the end when we rest.

Express - All Levels Flow - Patience

The Express Channel

This express session is 30 minutes of flowing in and out of Warrior 1 and then playing in a balance sequence that promotes finding patience with what ever is the state of things in the moment.  For this practice you will need a mat, blanket and a block.

Guided Meditation - I Woke Up Between A Memory And A Dream

The Express Channel

In this Shamatha meditation we sit and observe what is in the present moment. To be present is to be awake.  This is a guided meditation, appropriate for all levels of meditation experience. You will need a comfortable way to sit, making sure the spine is lifted and supported. Minimize distractions by creating a space where you can shut the door. Leave your phone in airplane mode and in another room!


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