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Slow Ashtanga - Low Back Focus

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This Slow Ashtanga session is focused on taking care of the low back. The primary series is a great calibration practice and is great for strengthening, stretching and balancing the low back and legs (which are the roots of the low back).  In this practice I queue with the low back in mind so you can experience the release of tension in the low back. The warm up sequence with the legs is a great warm up for the back regardless of what practice you are doing. The Sun Salutations progressively work into the muscles of the low back. The standing poses help to build balance between the front and back body as well as building strength in the legs. The seated poses work into the back muscles stretching and twisting. The finishing poses help to stretch the psoas and strengthen the glutes - also important in the well being of the low back.

Enjoy and take good care!

A blanket and a block are recommended for this practice.

Conditional Thinking and Ashtanga

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Conditional thinking can serve a beneficial purpose on and off our mats, however, when we apply conditional thinking in a detrimental way, we can damage our practice. In this session we had an off camera discussion about how we apply external conditions to the practice - If I were flexible enough I would be a good ashtanga. If I put my foot behind my head, I am a real yogi. If..., then...I've done it to myself and you have probably done it to yourself too. When we buy into this external conditional thinking, we start to believe that we are not enough. Not good enough. Not strong enough. Not balanced enough. Not flexible enough. Not skinny enough, etc.  When we recognize that kind of conditional thinking, we can proceed in our practice and...become more skillful in guiding our practice and our lives off the mat to meet ourselves in each moment as we are with open awareness, non-judgmental observation and compassion. We can releases the stigmas of conditional thinking and get what we need because where we are in this moment IS enough. We can release ourselves from the guilt of a shorter practice, tempering the practice as soothing or testing our edges in a compassionately challenging way. So in this session, can you practice and meet yourself where you are? Can you recognize the conditional thinking for what it is and embrace the helpful conditions like - "If I can pay attention to my bandhas and breathing, I will generate useful, functional energy." Can we dismiss the unuseful conditional thinking that relates to external aesthetics, unrealistic standards and self imposed exile?  We pick up our conversation with a discussion of tempering the practice based on where you are and what you need...David William's suggestion for a minimum practice when you don't have time or energy for a full length practice.  Peace and unconditional joy in your practice!

Staminance - Breath and Bandhas

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In this session of Slow Ashtanga, we are finding "Staminance" which is the distortion of the words Stamina and Endurance. In Ashtanga we get there by building our skills with Ujjai breathing and the Bandhas.  This practice is full of reminders to engage in the breath and bandhas by managing the ribs - bringing them into the spine and lifting the sternum. You can feel this engaging the pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles. The practical application is in the sun salutations, standing and seated poses. Props needed: block and blanket.

Breathe, Baby. Breathe!

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In this Slow Ashtanga Flow, we are focusing on the breath - in particular good Ujjai breathing - not to agressive and not too lax. This will help us build strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Clarity comes to us from the breath as well.  Want some clarity? Get on your mat. Let's begin!  You will need a blanket, a couple of blocks and anything else you would like for support in savanna.

30 Minute Short Form - With Skill Build Stepping into Warrior 1

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In this express session, we get into the skill building of core strength to step up into Warrior 1 without swinging the leg up or lifting the hand up to make up for the core. We use blocks!  Total focus on the core.  (Please see the Skill Builder Stepping Into Warrior 1).  This express session gets your energy moving and grooving so you are all set for the rest of the day and the rest of the week!

Skill Build: Stepping Into Warrior 1

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In. this session you will do practice drills to build functional strength to step up into Warrior 1 in Surya B.

Ashtanga - Primary Practice

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Primary Series Led - Brisk

Ashtanga - Imtermediate Mix

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This is a shortened mix of the Intermediate Series. This is a perfect compliment to your Primary Series practice as it offers plent of back bending. All of us need more back bending to counter all the sitting we do in life these days. Even the most active people sit to drive, to work and to socialize.  In this session the emphasis in on letting go of what doesn't serve you in the process of nurturing and caring for your yoga practice. Prune out what distracts you and bring your awareness and energy to what you wish to grow.  Peace!

Live Ashtanga Primary

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Primary Series Led - this is in the speed of a full, brisk breath.

Express Ashtanga - Dristi Focus

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In this session, you will be instructed to place your gaze where your energy is needed. Up for lifting, down for releasing and third eye for inner concentration. Notice how deep and satisfying this practice feels at the end.


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This session breaks down the art of the Pivot. We pivot between poses in Ashtanga and sometimes in Vinyasa. It's important to remember and practice the pivot on the heels rather than the balls of the feet. Pivots happen on exhales. Get into the flow of the pivot or as Ross says on Friends, "PIVOT!"  

Horse Pose - Part 2

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See Horse Pose from another angle

Horse Pose - Part 1

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This is a complicated hip opener from the Second Series/Intermediate. Learn how to break it down and practice it effectively.

Ashtanga Skill Building - Jump Backs

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In this session you will get practical instruction on how to jump back effectively and how to practice getting strength to do it!

Under the Covers - Rock It

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It's a thisa and a thata and it's really an Ashtanga Mix, but it Feels Like a Friday Flow. I woke up this morning to rain and gloom and I thought a lot about getting back under the covers, but then I got up and made this class and this playlist for you - Spotify (Andrea Perkins Dyer) Under the Covers - Rock It.  (get it? it's a Rocket Ashtanga practice and you can totally do this). All the songs are rock covers that I find interesting this morning. Hope you enjoy it. I had to edit out the last minute of class - the last song on the playlist choked me up.

Ashtanga Finishing The 3 Lotuses

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The traditional Ashtanga practice finishes with the practice of the three lotuses. The first is a bound lotus. The second is an upright lotus and the third  is the ascending lotus. Each lotus represents a phase of your practice = the beginning, the present and the potential.  Andrea shows modifications  to help you make good decisions.  

Ashtanga Leg & Back Warm Up

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This short video shows you the leg and back up David Williams does before Ashtanga practices. He recommends it twice daily, in the morning/before a morning practice and in the evening before bed. He also recommends that you sleep on your back to allow your body to rest in alignment.

Ashtanga Short Forms 45 Min

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In this session, the Primary Series is shortened to 45 minutes. It includes sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses and the finishing poses.

Ashtanga Primary Series

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This is the Ashtanga Primary Series from start to finish. The only poses edited out are Setu Bandhasana (too risky for necks) and the full on version of Kukkatasana - which is not good for shoulders.  This is intended as a practice pace for those with experience in the Ashtanga Primary Series.


Look for upcoming videos on different aspects of the Ashtanga Primary Series for skill building.  For endurance, please practice the Short Forms.


This practice requires a yoga mat. It's also nice to have a blanket and at least one block.



Ashtanga Short Forms - 30 minutes

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Ashtanga Short Form - 30 Minutes

Perfect for those building up strength and endurance, for those short on time, or those who perhaps want to combine Ashtanga with a stretch class or something soothing.



Sun A 3x

Sun B 2x



Extended Side Angle

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A




Pachimottanasana A

Janu Sirsanasa A

Marichyasana A & C

Navasana 2x

Bridge - Wheel - Paschimottanasana B

Shoulder Stand


Lotus B & C


Ashtanga Short Form 15 min

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This short form is abbreviated and perfect for those building stamina and learning sun salutations and a few poses. Also great if you don't have time for a full practice - better than no practice at all!

Ashtanga Primary - slow and annotated

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This is an annotated Ashtanga Primary series class.  We go slow so it's appropriate for all levels with some experience.  I've instructed details in poses to keep you present, mindful and safe.  Enjoy!

Ashtanga Primary (low annotation)

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Ashtanga Primary Series.  We attempted a live Zoom recording and I botched the settings so the screen is not set up in an ideal way. For those familiar with the Ashtanga Primary Series, the audio will be helpful.  I will be recording another ashtanga class soon, so hopefully this will do until then.