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Yoga Basics - Alignment and Standing Poses

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In this session of Yoga Basics, Andrea introduces the alignment model used in every yoga pose and it is applied to quintessential standing yoga poses:  Standing Mountain Pose, Downward Facing Dog, High Lunge, Warrior 2 and Warrior 1.  You need a yoga mat, a blanket/beach towel and a yoga block for this practice. If you don't have a yoga block, you can use a folded blanket or beach towel.

Seated Poses - Principles and Practices

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This session focuses on the principles and practices of seated poses. We focus on 5 fundamental seated poses - Sukkasana (Easy Seated Pose), Dandasana (Staff Pose), Pachmittanasana (Seated Forward Fold) and Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Pose).  Great for beginners, but those who have been practicing in the wild will get something out of this too.  You need a blanket and a block for this practice. Have a seat!

Breathing and Moving

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This Yoga Basics session focuses on moving and breathing as a natural rhythm of life. We will focus on the breath and experience how there is movement in everything. We will also experience how the body informs the breath - inviting the breath in and pressing the breath out. Our practice will be around the four movements of extension/flexion; Twisting; lateral stretches and the movement up and down from roots to sky.  Great foundational knowledge.

The Principles of Twisting

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To twist effectively, you need a long tall spine and compassion and wisdom. tIn this session we will talk about the principles of effective and safe twisting and we will put it into practice with four sets of twists:

Seated Twists

Twisted Lunges

Twisted Triangles 

and Restorative Twists.


You will end this session feeling refreshed and rest!  You will need a mat, a block and a blanket for this practice! Bring your wisdom too!

Principles of Back Bending

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In this session we explore how to safely and effectively back bend. It should also be noted that back bending is also heart opening. We need back bending to counterbalance all the sitting we do as modern humans.  

The Principles of Balancing

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In this session we practice the principles of balancing. The pillars of balance are Breath (deep, even breathing steadies the mind), Gaze/Dristi (where you look influences the mind) and Feeling your Whole Body in the pose.  We take the principles into iconic yoga balancing postures: Tree, Warrior 3, Eagle, Balancing Half Moon. For this practice, please have wall space and a chair.  You actually won't need your yoga mat for most of this practice, but will want it at the end, plus any comfort props to feel completely released into gravity in Savasana.

Basic Breathing Techniques

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In this Basic Breathing Session we practice finding the breath, enhancing the breath, managing the breath and resting in the breath.  Enhancing the breath will come in handy for more exerted practices, while managing the breath will assist you in finding balance to energize or to calm down.  You just need something sturdy and comfortable to sit on in this practice - a blanket folded or a block will do. Have a yoga mat to relax on at the end when we rest.

Peaceful Soothing Calming Breath Practice

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In this Express session, we practice breathing that will facilitate calming and soothing your body, energy, emotions and thoughts.