Getting started

Welcome to mind|body|fitness yoga or MBFY

We are a traditional yoga studio for modern times. We offer a wide range of classes to meet you where you are and we have pivoted to online classes while we patiently wait to re-open our studio space.

First Steps

In order to practice with us, you must complete a New Student Waiver.

Then you must Purchase a Pass to attend classes. You can purchase a day pass, an unlimited week, an unlimied month or you may purchase 5 classes (however, you must use them within 30 days of purchase.)

Accessing Classes

Now, no matter what pass you have, if you wish to practice with one of our on demand classes, you must book it to have your pass checked - Access on demand classes in the Virtual Yoga Room by going to Book Classes (you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Virtual Yoga Room).

No matter what pass you have, If you wish to attend a Live-Stream class, you must Book Online to attend. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom session you booked.

Returning To MBFY

Welcome Back

Things have changed while you were away. We pivoted from studio only classes to online only classes.  We now have 200+ classes in our online class library which are accessed through the Virtual Yoga Room (for those with limited passes - drop ins, legacy passes (5, 10, 15, 20 and 50 Class passes)* and the Unlimited Members Only page where those with unlimited passes may log in and go directly to the class channels.

*Those with limited passes must currently book access on the Book Classes page to check in to to practice in the Virtual Yoga Room.  This must be done for each day you wish to practice. The booking system will tell you when your pass is used up or expired. When your numeric pass is complete/expired, you may then purchase another pass.

We are currently between how we used to operate and how we will operate.  All remaining legacy passes (which at this time are all limited passes) must Book Classes to check in.  You must be a site member to have your legacy pass migrated.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm here to help.

If you are not currently a Site Member and you had a pass that is eligible for Migration, you must first become a Site Member before your pass can be migrated and used online or in the studio.  Please see the rest of the information on this page. It will help you catch up and understand what to do.

What Will Happen When Phase 3 Opens?

What's Ahead?

Unfortunately, we could not maintain the studio space during the pandemic shut down. The uncertainty of the length of the shut down and the impact this has had on the yoga industry and MBFY, made it necessary to let go of the space and devote focus and energy to our community existing online. Once the world stabilizes, we will consider how and where classes are offered.

So moving forward, we will have on demand classes and live stream Zoom classes. Currently we have more than 200 classes in our Virtual Yoga Room and we are offering 10 live classes a week.  Private sessions are also available for those who wish to work privately or focus on work that can't be honed in on in a group class. Private sessions are also available for groups that wish to do live stream yoga together. Please contact me (Andrea) for rates and available times.

What's the Status Of My Pass?

Refresh My Memory

If you have forgotten about your pass and want to check the status of your pass, please email Andrea.


If you pass expired before March 15, 2020, you will need to purchase a new pass.

If you purchased a pass that was set to expire after March 15, 2020, I will migrate your pass and give you the same amount of time to expiration you had on March 15, 2020 added to your pass effective 7/1/2020.  You will then have that amount of time to use your pass. I will extend expiration dates beyond that. The uncertainty of the studio's stability prevents me from extending passes or refunding. If you have purchased a pass since 3/15/2020, your pass is subject to the expiration date rules at the time of purchase.

If you have not yet become a member of the site, you must do that before I can migrate your pass to our new system of pass management.  PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER BEFORE 7/1/2020.  PASSES NOT MIGRATED By 7/1/2020 are subject to being cancelled for non-use beyond a reasonable time.

NOTE: If you have not yet migrated, and now want to, please contact me so we can get you back on your mat with MBFY.