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Here are all the "good to knows" concerning our studio and the practice of yoga. It's our intention that your yoga journey be successful and fulfilling!  If you have questions beyond what's offered here, please feel free to contact us (see the About menu).

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Choosing Classes

Confused on which classes are right for you? Start here.

Choosing Teachers

Find the right teacher for you.

Yoga And Stress Management

Yoga is great for managing stress!

Yoga And Weight Management

Here is how yoga can help with weight management.


Our most frequently asked questions.

What To Wear

Here's how to dress to be comfortable in yoga class.

Yoga Etiquette

Being mindful of yoga etiquette is wise!

Reasons To Do Yoga

Here are some very good reasons to do yoga!

For Your First Class

Here are some things you should know to prepare for your first class with us.