Facing the Unknown

Hi all, Things are moving really fast in the world. I know you are feeling that too. Enough has changed that I've had to step out into unfamiliar territory this week.

I am reaching out to let you know that the Covid 19 virus has impacted us to the point where we are all assessing our risks in going out in public and gathering with others. We are still maintaining social distancing and rigid cleaning at the studio, however, it will quickly come to a point where we all need to be isolated to keep this virus down to a dull roar. When we are healthy, it seems like a small risk, but when we consider our family, friends, neighbors and community, it starts to make more sense to assess risks differently.

Now more than ever we need our yoga and meditation practices. My intention is to keep us together practicing through this challenging time. So we have started a process for streaming classes which you can attend live as we record or you can do later that day.

I have created a virtual yoga room on our web site. Each day I will send out an invitation to the next day's studio offerings. (I am figuring out I can't just release one class at a time and manage everyone attending.) So for instance, tomorrow, Sunday March 15, I have included an invitation to attend one or all of the classes. I originally intended to live stream just the 11 am class, but am not sure that everyone knows that that is a Flow class. So I will live cast the 11 am Flow Class and the 1:30 pm Yin Class. If you would like to attend either or both, you will need to RSVP via the link in this message. Once you RSVP, I will check you in on your existing yoga pass. If you do not have a current pass, I will send you a link to purchase a drop in or a pass with the same expiration dates as we currently use. Everyone checked in will get an email at 9:30 am with the password for the day.

You can join the live streams or you can enter and do the classes on demand during that day. The classes load to the site right after the stream is complete at the end of the class.

At this point, I am not sure how much we can archive on the site, so there may only be the day's classes on the site or we may be able to stockpile some archives. We shall see.

I will continue to teach live classes at the studio, however, with more and more people choosing to stay isolated from public gatherings, the days at the studio will be reconsidered and I will likely be communicating with you in a day or two about changes to the class schedule.

This blog is an excellent place for us to communicate about what we need from MBFY. For instance, I am interested in how many of us are relegated home for work due to Convid 19 issues. I am also interested in when you want to practice yoga if you are at home. For those still traveling to work and errands in Greensboro each day, when are you looking for classes? Please tell me what's up in the comments below so I can fully consider our new now.

I would like to post a daily meditation and breathing class. I think we could all use it and need it. I'll likely record them here and upload for your use in our virtual yoga room.

I like streaming off our website so you don't have to get tangled up in social media...especially if you are not already in that realm.

So here is the invite for tomorrow. Those who have already RSVP's are good to go. You will hear from me if you need to purchase a pass. I will send out tomorrow's password at 9:30 am tomorrow morning.

RSVP here and please click in to read all the information as you will be charged for a class when you RSVP.

I will post in this blog and keep it as a way to keep the continuity of our beloved community at the studio. Feel free to say hello to each other here and to ask questions, leave feedback, etc.

May All Beings Have Happiness and the Causes of Happiness

May All Beings Be Free From Suffering and the Causes of Suffering

May All Beings Never Be Parted from Freedom's Pure Joy

May All Beings Dwell in Equanimity, Free From Attachment and Aversion

Stay strong and be well.



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