What is time in the virtual world?

Thanks all for staying connected!

Slowly but surely we are getting things sorted out and online. I managed to get three classes on the site today.

We are in uncharted territory, so we are having to be flexible and shift with new knowledge and understandings as they happen.

I have come to realize that we are no longer in the real world at the studio - we are in the virtual world where there is no one specific time to be in one specific place.

I also realized that technology takes time and patience so I need to slow the roll of as much as I can here to stay on top of things. I am not comfortable operating in a less than acceptable range - I've been doing what I do for so long it is a real jolt to have to be back in the curve of remembering and figuring all the steps to get from a to b.

So, the new reality is that I will devote my mornings to recording new content for the site. I am not going to do live streaming until we have this down with a base of content on the site for you to enjoy.

Live streaming involves Zoom and I am not adept enough to lead you there for live classes and at the same time make sure I have everything right for recording. That will be our next phase.

So for now, this is how we use the site:

1. Go to the website each day that you want to participate in classes and RSVP for the day you want to attend. Classes are on demand and there is no schedule. You can do any class that is on the site.

When you RSVP your name goes into my queue for checking passes and sending out passwords. If you don't have an active pass, I send you an email with a link to purchase a drop in or a class pass. Instead of doing this piecemeal, I am sitting down at 5 pm and looking at the registrations for the next day and checking passes/sending emails with links for payment. I will do this again before I go to bed and then when I get up at 5 am. In each of these batches,

2. I will send out the password for the next day in an email for each "batch." It will also include the link to the Virtual Yoga Room where you will put in your password to access the classes.

Class production time starts as soon as my family has left for the day - 8:30 am. If you have questions regarding passwords or access, please catch me between 6-8 am. Otherwise, I am in production - for two one hour classes and a short guided meditation is it taking me approximately 6 hours - 4 if I'm not putting out fires.

So your flow is

1. go to the website daily to check for the Class Event for you to access and RSVP for the day you want to take classes (I cannot realistically do blast emails everyday) - i am putting a reminder on Facebook on the mind body fitness yoga page.

2. Get your password and link to the Virtual Yoga Room

3. Enjoy class or classes (your one check on your class pass gets you all day access.)

Content will not stay permanently so I will be rotating older content out as new content is recorded and loaded.,

We will do Zoom live streaming classes once we get this system down. Likely only one class a day and I will promote this on the website, Facebook and Instagram. Please check the website frequently. Using Zoom will require that we all become familiar with Zoom. I encourage everyone interested in a live stream to check out Zoom and get a free membership and make sure your devices are compatible.

There is no longer a set class schedule. I will amend our Google calendar to reflect that.

Once this is over and we can go back to the studio, we will have a set schedule again

I would love to do a zoom session just to talk to you all. I miss everyone so much and I think about you all when I'm teaching. I MUCH rather look at you than me when I'm teaching.

That is all for now. I'm tired and I'm going to eat most, not all of our food provisions.

Love, Andrea



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