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Marlene Allen

Certified Reiki Healer

In addition to yoga instruction, MBFY also offers Reiki treatments.  Marlene Allen is our resident Reiki practiioner available for Reiki sessions at MBFY on Saturdays at Noon by appointment.


Not familiar with Reiki? Marlene has provided an overview of Reiki and is happy to answer your questions about how Reiki could benefit you.


Interested in trying it? Contact Marlene via the link below to schedule your session.  $30 for a 30 minute session or $50 for a full hour.


"Reiki is a touch therapy system that helps to regulate the movement of energy through the body’s chakra system.  The goal of Reiki is to restore balance on the physical and emotional levels and assist the body in healing itself.  During a treatment, the participant can lie on a table or sit up in a chair.  The practitioner can place the hands directly on the client or hover the hands slightly.  Tools such as crystals or pendulums could be used if the client is comfortable with the practitioner using them.     Reiki is not a religion.  Receiving a treatment should not interfere with any religion or belief system. This is a good way to attempt to relieve pain or stress, as there are no side effects.  It is not possible for the Reiki practitioner to harm the participant.  The practitioner has no power to harm anyone."


Contact Marlene for an appointment (call or text) 336.541.3898