Meet the Teachers of mind|body|fitness yoga

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Andrea Dyer

E-RYT 500

Andrea is a long time yoga practitioner and has over 20 years of teaching experience (more than 15K hours). She loves sharing yoga and believes that yoga meets everyone exactly where they are right now. She brings compassionate lightness to her teaching mat. Her diverse teachings are based in mindfulness. Andrea was the owner/director at MBFY for 12 years and is now offering her classes, teachings and resources online.

Ever a student herself, her teachers are David Williams, Erich Schiffmann, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Cyndi Lee.

Andrea's expertise and certifications are in teaching Asthanga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Power Yoga and Restorative Hatha practices.   Her personal practice is diverse in her pursuit of balance both on and off the mat.  She leads international yoga retreats, and in her spare time, she and her husband rock it out in the cheap seats at as many concerts as they can attend.  Andrea and her husband Jon established mind|body|fitness yoga as a haven for those seeking peace, warmth and self-realization.  mind|body|fitness yogais an inclusive community that cares deeply about providing sanctuary to those on yoga's inward path.

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Sadie Dyer

Zen Guru and Comfort Mutt

Sadie is a beloved member of the MBFY community. She used to classes at the studio and is perhaps the sweetest, gentlest terrier/hound mix to every put her paws on the planet. She does the MOST exquisite downward facing dog after each class she attends and accepts belly rubs. Since the pandemic, Sadie insists on attending all live stream classes and is currently attending a training intensive with Andrea's teacher, Cyndi Lee. She has attended Meditation Teacher training as well as Restorative Teacher Training and considers herself a full time Doga Teacher.

In her spare time, Sadie loves to eat, nap, and sing karaoke with her brother, Buddy.