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Andrea Dyer

E-RYT 500

Andrea is a long time yoga practitioner and has over 20 years of teaching experience (more than 14K hours). She loves sharing yoga and believes that yoga meets everyone exactly where they are right now. She brings compassionate lightness to the studio and her diverse teachings are based in mindfulness. Andrea is the owner/director at MBFY.

Ever a student herself, her teachers are David Williams, Erich Schiffmann, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Cyndi Lee.

Andrea's expertise is in teaching Asthanga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Power Yoga and Restorative Hatha practices.  Her personal practice is diverse in her pursuit of balance both on and off the mat.  She leads international yoga retreats, and in her spare time, she and her husband rock it out in the cheap seats at as many concerts as they can attend.  Andrea and her husband Jon established mind|body|fitness yoga as a haven for those seeking peace, warmth and self-realization.  mind|body|fitness yogais an inclusive community that cares deeply about providing sanctuary to those on yoga's inward path.

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Nancy Stoudemire

RYT 200

Nancy dabbled in yoga for many years, then began practicing regularly in the winter of 2005.  In addition to increased flexibility and endurance, she most values the mental discipline it takes to be fully present on the mat.  As an exercise specialist, she enjoys helping people become more active and enjoy the health benefits of physical activity.  She completed her teacher training at MBFY in 2018 with Andrea Dyer, ERYT 500.

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Betsy Sumerford

RYT 200

"I fell in love with yoga my freshman year of college in Asheville NC, and it’s been a force of positive change in my life ever since. I completed my 200 hour teacher training at mind|body|fitness|yoga in 2015, and have continued to study passionately–I will always be a student of yoga, learning every day from my time on and off the mat. 


Betsy's classes emphasize creativity, authenticity, and introspection to lead your practice deeper, whether you attend a faster-paced vinyasa flow class or a more mellow deep stretch style. I think yoga is for everybody and every body, and I strive to help you step off your mat feeling fearless, free,  and balanced." 


Lee Spencer

RYT 200

Lee began practicing yoga seventeen years ago in Los Angeles when his good friend suggested they try a class taught by Bryan Kest called Power Yoga in Santa Monica. Lee was hooked soon after. As he began to feel the transformation yoga made in his life he felt inspired to deepen his own practice and to perhaps share the gift with others by entering the teacher training program at MBFY in his hometown of Greensboro, N.C. in 2015. Lee is passionate about the idea of inspiring others to become practitioners of yoga and to benefit from it’s beautiful philosophies. Lee is a professional actor who has appeared in over forty tv shows, films, commercials and stage plays in NYC, LA and all over the Southeast.

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Allison Royal

Certified Yoga Teacher

Bio Coming Soon


Samantha DiRosa

RYT 200

Samantha DiRosa's serious study of yoga began in a pre-natal class that helped her build strength and courage to prepare for childbirth after years of chronic pain.  Her studies with Andrea Dyer have brought further profound transformation to her body, mind, and soul, and in 2012 she proudly completed her 200hr RYT training at Mind Body Fitness Yoga under Andrea's tutelage.  As a result of her experiences, Samantha sees yoga as a practice for all bodies and types of people and seeks to bring a presence of healing, warmth, and acceptance into the classes she teaches. A gypsy traveler of numerous creative, spiritual, and knowledge-based traditions, Samantha pulls from a variety of modalities to create imaginative and diverse classes, which are enriched by her years of experience as a university art professor and her previous studies of t’ai chi, qigong, and meditation.  She sees the mat as a metaphor for life and regards her role as a teacher to help students of yoga take their practice into their daily lives in order to find equanimity, wholeness, and peace on their soul journey. 


In addition to being an avid yogi, Samantha is also a life-long student and practitioner of astrology,  apprenticing for over 10 years with renowned astrologer Steven Forrest in the school of Evolutionary Astrology.  She maintains an active astrological practice and on occasion offers workshops in the area.

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Sadie Dyer

Zen Guru and Comfort Mutt

Sadie is a beloved member of the MBFY community. She often attends classes at the studio and is perhaps the sweetest, gentlest terrier/hound mix to every put her paws on the planet. She does the MOST exquisite downward facing dog after each class she attends and accepts belly rubs.

In her spare time, Sadie loves to eat, nap, and sing karaoke with her brother, Buddy.


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