What our students are saying about us...

Trista P




I love this yoga studio, and Andrea is a wonderful yoga teacher -- I wouldn't go anywhere else!  It's a warm, friendly, inviting, and peaceful studio.  I am disabled, and there are low-intensity classes that suit my abilities and provide me with the great benefits of yoga.  From the first session I attended, Andrea has been attentive to my specific issues, and knows that I may need suggestions for modifications with some poses.  For all participants of the classes, she offers varying levels of poses, so no matter your level of strength and flexibility, everyone benefits.  I am a plus-sized girl, but there are people of ALL sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities in these classes, so I don't feel out-of-place.  As Andrea says, yoga meets you where you are!

Maggie S




I've been going to classes twice a week at this studio for two months now.  The owner/instructor Andrea is knowledgeable, warm, and supportive.  She accomodates all skill levels and physical capabilities.  I appreciate her emphasis on mindfulness and working with the personal equipment her students bring to class on any given day.

Holly G




I have been coming to this studio off and on for almost 10 years and Andrea is as good as it gets. First of all, Andrea hasn't gone cliquish by having hot yoga.   You will sweat during her class, trust me.  Secondly, no class is the same.   Yes you are going to do sun A or sun B but you might start out sitting or standing or end with legs up the wall.   Another great thing about her studio is the inclusiveness.  It doesn't matter as long as you are on your mat.  In other studios in Greensboro I have felt weird because I am not 20 something and wears a size 2.  Finally Andrea offers pilates from one the best teachers around: Shanley.

Pam C



MBFY is a great place to practice yoga. Welcoming community atmosphere.  Andrea, the owner is a devoted teacher. She comes up with amazing playlists to match our practice!


Stacy L




MBFY is a GREAT space to practice yoga in Greensboro NC!!  The studio has classes for every level, new, experienced and in-between.  I learn something every time I step on the mat at MBFY.  Highly recommend this yoga studio

Anna S




Andrea is a good teacher, brings new challenges to each class. I've strengthened my practice with her and tried poses I'd never done before.

Kumari D




I travel around the mainland like a yoga detective. I pop into strange studios for fun. This one tops my list for authentic yoga - Meditation class is free ! If you've never incorporated regular meditation into your yoga, start now - as it is one of the original 8 limbs.


RE: owner Andrea - despite my being from out of town, she was warm, friendly, frank, helpful - and very knowledgeable of yoga, anatomy, health. I felt safe entrusting myself, my body into her sequencing. I'm no expert on Yin Yoga, but what I experienced was true to the style of Sarah Powers. I don't think it's a coincidence. Look carefully at the photos in the back of the studio and you'll find one of Sarah and Andrea (!)


My ostensible reason for visiting was her David Williams workshop. The workshop ran for four days at a price I could afford. Although the other participants expressed shock and surprise I traveled so far, truth is - what I did wasn't even half so radical as David traveling to India to learn from Patabhi Jois, lol. I'm impressed and eternally grateful that a urban boutique size studio would host a teacher of this caliber. The gathering was intimate - not like those huge, impersonal yoga fests that go off like a rock music concert.


The workshop was reasonably priced, the studio has ample parking and the general vibe is clean, well supplied with props, teas, water and goodies were available just like an olde time 70s yoga get together. I had so much fun at the workshop I decided to stay and take a couple of classes from Andrea herself and I was not disappointed.


Here's the thing, in order to totally transform you have to let go. Letting go is scary, so you better trust the person you are dropping down to catch you. you can take that literally or metaphorically, take your pick. Alls I'm saying is, here I felt free to go. :)

Swaga D



Today was my first class at Mind Body Fitness Yoga, it was great. From check in, to taking the class, and leaving at the end it was a great experience. What I really appreciated is the clean and stylish studio that wasn't too crowded. I hope to go back again soon.

Elena S




This place has a great vibe to is and although I am not considering myself a yoga enthusiastic (mostly because of poor experiences in other studios where emphasis is placed on competitive gymnastic rather than on grounding of self) I love to go and regain my energy here. Andrea is one of the coolest yoga teachers that I came across. There is impossible to not relax around her. My fav class is Yin Yoga. Taking that class for a few months in a row helped me overcome some temporary depressive symptoms. I also like the Yoga Basics and Yin and Flow. I had experienced several teachers - Melissa and Megan, if I am not mistaken - and they are all creating a safe atmosphere.


So, if you are looking for a place with a great vibe, with teachers who are promoting a safe atmosphere (that is modeled to students and internalized by most of them :)), this is the place to go. 


Also, if you do come to this studio, you cannot miss Shanley's pilates class. I have been doing Pilates for a few years now and it cannot better than Shanley.

Richard B




I visit family in Greensboro a few times a year and am very happy to have found this studio. Andrea is an amazing and unique instructor and her annual post -Turkey Day class is exactly what you need after a day of calorie overload.


Mary C




I have been attending classes at MBFY for 5 years and I feel it is my yoga home! The practice and philosophy of the owner, Andrea are welcoming and supportive of experienced as well as novice yogis.  The instructors are eager to answer questions and make modifications. The special events such as summer outside yoga as well as new years' flow are special treats.

I particularly appreciate  how  compassion and  concern for others is lived at MBFY


Amy G



What a great studio, very welcoming and friendly. Accepting of all yoga levels. So happy my daughter and I found it. Andrea the owner is fabulous! Thank you for all the encouragement.

Tony D




I've been practicing yoga now for about four years and have been practicing at Mind Body Fitness for the last three years (typically 3x/week).  I've tried a few other studios around town, but I love the sense of community that exists here and have always felt welcome walking into the studio.  The owner, Andrea, is a very skilled yoga instuctor and works hard to make sure you get everything you can from your practice.  Although she is certainly my favorite teacher, all the instuctors here are well-trained and clearly share the same passion for yoga that Andrea emanates.


One of my favorite aspects of the studio is the community involvement.  Whether holding a free Thanksgiving practice to benefit the local food bank to raising money and awareness for abused animals, this studio understands the importance of giving back to the community.  I'm so glad to have found this studio and all the wonderful people who teach and practice here.


Mary P




This yoga studio is fantastic!   It is a yoga challenge with instructors that will meet you will you are, but never fail to challenge you to the next level (Andrea rocks!).  The studio is small and personal enough to ask questions and be actively involved in the practice (not just atomatons copying the instructor),  but I have never felt over crowded.  You are truely challenged, you will sweat (and it isn't even hot yoga), and you will not get sleepy.  


Another great option is you can pay by class instead of by time period.  I can get a package of 6 or 10 classes that don't expire for 90 days!  For the business traveler like myself that can't get thier money out of a monthly membership this is perfect.  And did I say the yoga is amazing?

Sarah N




This is the kind of studio that you rarely ever find....true yoga teaching. If you are looking for a yoga experience that will take you deeper into your practice, or you are new to yoga and need a safe welcoming space...this is it!

I will practice here whenever I am in Greensboro!


Peace, Love, and YOGA..... Namaste’



Deb B




I've been practicing yoga for 20 years and find the MBFY studio to be a warm and welcoming place to practice. Andrea Dyer is the quintessential yoga teacher who welcomes the beginner and practiced yogi with equal warmth and enthusiasm.   If you are looking for the total yoga experience, MindBodyFitnessYoga is the place for you!


Sarah S



I absolutely love this yoga studio.  I started there as a complete newbie- still am- but the teachers were so welcoming and help you get settled.


The ambience is wonderful and I feel like everything is very clean.  You're just taken care of and it's easy to focus on your own journey, whether spiritual, physical, or a combination of both.


Lillie K




Love the ambiance, prices, and teachers! Awesome place!