So glad you are thinking about trying yoga at mind|body|fitness yoga.  There's a lot of yoga out there and it can seem pretty confusing.  We designed this page to help you navigate getting started with a yoga practice.


It can be a bit intimidating when you first start thinking about yoga. I hear a lot of people saying that they want to start to practice but think they are not "flexible enough" to do yoga. I am here to tell you that it doesn't matter if you aren't a member of the Circque Du Soleil - all that matters is working within the range of movement that exists in  your body as it is...today.  We all start at our own edges every time we get on our yoga mats.  And...yoga meets you where you are!


I encourage you to look over the information we have here for you.  If you have never done yoga before, I strongly recommend that you take one of our Yoga Basics classes. It will give you instruction on fundamental poses, you will be in the company of other brand new yogis and you will be able to get a better understanding of how yoga works and what your next steps are.


All the teachers here at mind|body|fitness yoga are here to make your yoga experience the best it can be.    


Our studio is fully stocked with all the props you will need to have a safe and informed practice. Just come to the studio dressed in comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.  We even have spare mats if you don't already own one.  


At mind|body|fitness yoga we pay respect to the eightfold path of yoga. We offer a variety of classes that will get your body moving and breathing at your body’s comfortable edge.  We incorporate instruction on how to breathe to soothe and energize your body and calm your mind.  We guide you to your inner self with techniques for deeper concentration, focus and meditation.  And we help you see how this all applies to everyday life.


It’s all about finding balance with who you are and how you interact with the world.  It all takes place on your yoga mat - set to great music, led by experienced, passionate teachers and in the company of wonderful yogis in all shapes, sizes, levels and interests!


I personally invite you to experience yoga with us here at mind|body|fitness yoga. We want to help you inquire within to find YOU!


If you don't find what you need on this website, please feel free to contact me. I'm here to help you!






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